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What exactly are Personal Sound Amplifier Products (PSAP)?
They are new, trendy and high-quality non-medical advanced high-performance products that facilitate perfect voice transmission and a stress-free conversation in every situation.

Personal Sound Amplifier Products (PSAP) are easy to use, switch on and use spontaneously: always ready when the situation currently requires it.

Personal Sound Amplifier Products (PSAP) are not hearing aids and are not suitable to compensate for hearing loss. They can be seen as so-called assistive listening or hearing devices.

When and where are PSAPs most frequently used?

Basically where it is important for the person to participate in the conversation or to follow an activity with ease and without stress, for example:
- in a restaurant
- watching TV
- in the theatre/cinema/concert/opera
- at family parties
- at meetings / conferences

Unlike a hearing aid, PSAPs do not need to be prescribed by an ear specialist and fitted by a hearing aid acoustician.  An advantage in favour of the Personal Sound Amplifier Products (PSAP), in addition to their low price, long service life and ease of handling.

Our Personal Sound Amplifier Products (PSAP) are sold via the CLARATONE online shops at www.claratone.ch, www.claratone.co.uk, www.claratone.es

Of course you will also find our PSAPs in selected pharmacies and opticians!