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The philosophy embeds the core values of our company and it is the heart and soul!

The development of personal and specialist talents and abilities of staff at our company is attributable to a determined policy of recognising and fostering talent. 

This starts as early as the recruitment stage. We recruit men and women, who obviously bring with them the potential to meet the challenges of our organisation, whose personality is already geared to our business philosophy from the very outset. 

We delegate responsibility and urge our staff to assume responsibility. Sharing experience, ideas, optimum procedures and knowledge strengthens not only the individual but also the entire company. 

Decisions must be taken quickly and clearly. 

We know: a company's most valuable asset is its staff.

Satisfied Customers
The customer guides our interests and actions: Everything emanates from the customer, and everything focuses on the customer. Our further development is made possible by satisfied customers. For this reason our employees are fully supported in providing the very best service to our customers. Boundaries and Documented Procedures may be crossed and overstepped when the satisfaction of our customers is at stake.

Quality Standards
We accept no compromises as regards quality. Quality is an underlying principle for ensuring our success on the market. This principle applies without restriction.

It is better to do something right straight away than want to improve what you cannot do very well. We endeavour to achieve zero-defect quality, an approach of never-ending improvement to achieve perfection. 

The principles of our ethics ensure that we rally under common ideals and live together in harmony. We respect and protect the assets of our company and reject any attempt by a third party to influence our decisions and actions unfairly or dishonestly. We undertake to maintain absolute discretion in respect of information and facts of which we become aware during our work. We act respectfully toward our customers, our staff, our partners and our shareholders, and we maintain their dignity. We reject contempt, exclusion, marginalisation and any sexist or racist attitude.



“A company's most important assets are happy employees,
which make customers and partners happy as well.”

Christoph Umbricht, CEO RS Audio Ltd.