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A Problem that is not a Problem!

In general, hearing problems develop very slowly. Most age-related hearing losses, also referred to as presbyacusis, start for every person from about 40. Those affected frequently are unaware that their hearing is becoming increasingly worse. It is usually your family, friends or colleagues who make you aware of the hearing difficulties. 

The person directly affected will attempt to evade the “problem” for as long as possible and will avoid a visit to a hearing specialist or doctor.   

>A large portion of the more than 60 million people in Europe suffering with the initial stages of hearing difficulties, which are initially noticeable in conversations in loud environments, in the inability to hear soft tones or high pitch children's voices, do not have any assistive listening devices.

Why is this the Case? High-quality hearing systems are too expensive for many people and awkward to purchase. Furthermore, those affected simply do not feel they are ready for a hearing aid. And hearing difficulties are still associated with the image of “getting older”. In particular, fashion-conscious people try to shy away from the visible physical “imperfection”. However, while grey hair has no disadvantageous influence on physical health, untreated weakness of hearing results in fast, progressive hearing impairment. 

All these people wish for a situational, stress-free, technologically high-quality and comfortable to use solution, which is both affordable, simple and easy to obtain. 

 The solution is here! As the first neutral sales in Europe, RS Audio AG offers, with its CLARATONE distribution system, a solution in the form of so-called “Personal Sound Amplifier Products”, abbreviated to PSAPs. PSAPs are not hearing aids, but rather non-medical audio and sound enhancers. Decades of experience, research and development make it possible to preadjust the PSAPs ex-works and to immediately provide our customers with an attractively-priced solution without the need for consultation and complex adjustments.

Recognize Potential – Utilize the PotentialThe still largely untouched market potential for PSAPs in Europe amounts to about 10 billion Euro according to experts and related studies. RS Audio AG together with its partner network CLARATONE intends to utilize this potential and aims by 2017 to be the largest European distribution network for the distribution of PSAPs.


Our Mission.


Communication is a fundamental right for everyone. It is our mission to offer all those people, who value quality of life and communication, the joy of stress-free communication with our range of the world's best, high-quality and most modern PSA products (at excellent value for money).


Our Vision.


The vision of RS Audio Ltd is to establish CLARATONE networks as the largest European distribution platform for high-quality, innovative non-medical PSA products by 2017 and to facilitate access to stress-free communication for all people.

Our Quality Standard.


Only the best is good enough for us and our customers. We only add Personal Sound Amplifier Products to our product range after they have completed and passed our rigorous internal testing process. We place the utmost importance on the highest technical standard, modern design, simple handling and an attractive price.