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In Western Europe, there are currently about 60 million people with a hearing impairment and only about 15% of them purchase a hearing aid. There are many reasons for the deep market penetration, and this is mainly because many people are simply not yet ready for a hearing aid. Many people are ashamed of their hearing impairment and have difficulty accepting it. Others simply cannot afford a modern hearing system. While others are afraid of having to wear an unfashionable unstylish device in their ear.

There exists a market potential of more than 50 million people, where at least 80% have a slight to moderate hearing loss. This group of about 40 million people is the target group of RS Audio and their high-quality Personal Sound Amplifier Products – products, which enable better, stress-free communication.

If you consider that about every second customer purchases two devices, the market potential is around 60 million devices or about 20 billion Euro at an average sales price of € 320.00.

RS Audio AG with the exclusive range of CE certified, non-medical Personal Sound Amplifier Products (PSAP) is opening up a new, extensive and high-growth market.

RS Audio AG contributes its excellent knowledge in the field of Personal Sound Amplifier Products (PSAP). You receive a comprehensive concept at the best terms from us together with marketing support, financial advice, and efficient IT system and much more. Contact us today.

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RS Audio AG

RS Audio is a Swiss stock corporation founded in 2011 with its headquarters in Meilen near Zurich in Switzerland. Company management has years of experience in consumer electronics, consumer goods and the hearing device industry as well as in dealing with non-medical hearing systems, also called “Personal Sound Amplifier Products” (PSAP).

We are establishing a European network under the name CLARATONE in co-operation with our distribution partners and suppliers, which specializes in the sale of technologically high-quality “non-medical personal sound amplifier products” as well as their accessories.


The Core Team

Christoph Umbricht CEO, Delegate of the board and partner

  • Many years of management experience as a CEO, Managing Director and “Sales & Marketing Director” in an international consumer goods and medical industry environment
  • Establishment and expansion of various successful, globally active sales and distribution systems, franchising and co-operation models
  • Experience in the areas of Business Development and Product Development 
  • Specialist for Regulatory Affairs & Compliance


Robert Schumacher CFO and board member

  • Independent trustee and auditor with many clients, including the areas of consumer products, electrical engineering and the medical industrial fields
  • More than 10 years of experience as Chief Financial Officer of Swissphone. Founder of Swissphone audio-optic ag, a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of “non-medical hearing systems”
  • Board member in various internationally active companies


Claudia Bucher Marketing Manager

  • Over 8 years experience in Marketing Communication and Project Management in international and national companies (Kuoni, GE Money Bank, SBB RailAway)
  • Master of Advanced Studies  in Communication  Management (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences)





Members of the board, Partners, Advisory

Thomas Reimann President of the board and partner

  • Partner in the law firm “Legis Rechtsanwälte AG” based in Zurich
  • Many years of experience as a legal advisor for companies listed on the stock exchange as well as a corporate attorney, and specialized in the area of “Mergers & Acquisitions”
  • Board member in various national and international companies


Guido Renggli Member of the board and partner

  • Consultant activities and board member of various international companies
  • CEO and board member of the Media Markt group in Switzerland for more than 10 years
  • General Manager and delegate to the board of Reckitt–Benckiser, a multinational company for consumer products, “fast moving consumer goods” and pharmaceutical products


Armin Fach Partner

  • More than 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry
  • Founder of “Activ Fitness” in Switzerland, a fitness chain with more than 50,000 members. Successful sale to Migros
  • Owner of different lifestyle and wellness online platforms


Silvio Abt Partner

  • About 30 years of experience in the pharmacy field: As PhD pharmacist first managing director of various pharmacies in Switzerland of which thwo where owned.
  • Presently working as consultant for pharmacies and pharmacy chains, specialises in organisational development, supervision and coaching (BSO). Focus on new
    Business Development, profile raising, business and personnel managment, process optimisation and standardisation.